Become a champion!

You are a soccer, ice hockey, floorball player, or want to train personally for yourself? Do you want to go one step further? We can help you do that. Athletitude offers comprehensive fitness support for athletes who wish to improve their performance continuously. If you are not an athlete, no problem, we will reach your personal goals together. We are your 360-degree PersonalTrainer

Dario, Piero & Eros


Personal Training

Our trainers supervise you during the entire training and give you direct feedback. This way, we make sure that you perform the exercises correctly and get closer to your goal.

Nutrition coaching

As you know, nutrition is a significant part of your fitness. That's why we provide you with valuable nutrition tips around the sport. In addition, we offer coaching, crash courses and calorie and macronutrient tracking.

Remote coaching

With our Fitness Remote Trainer, you can train at the gym of your choice, regardless of location. Our goal is to get the most out of you. We coach you from workout to workout and give you tips on nutrition.


Workout Plan

After filling out the questionnaire or having a conversation to get to know each other and analyze your fitness, we will create an individual training plan. Again, your goals and preferences are the focus.

Mental Coaching

Talent alone is not enough to stay at the top in the long term. Why? Talent is indeed crucial to how good you are at what you do. But without the right attitude, sooner or later, you'll reach a point where you can't get ahead. 

Knowledge Hub

Here you will learn more about any topics in fitness. Be it the execution of exercises, a scientific study, or an exciting issue we would like to share with you.

Your coaches

We are like day and night. But something connects us: the sport. Together we are passionate, courageous, spontaneous, but also analytical and thoughtful.

Mental Coach

Eros Parisi

Personal trainer

Dario Quattrocchi

Personal trainer

Piero Quattrocchi


Our method

Individual interview

What are your needs, your goals? Where is your potential for improvement? We take a lot of time to get to know you. Our sophisticated questionnaire helps us to do this. 



Whether virtually or on-site, we accompany you during your training, coach you in nutrition, or support you with our mental coaching. Modern techniques help us to do this. Our goal is to pass on so much knowledge to you that you will soon no longer need us at all.


Fitness plan

Based on the analysis of the one-on-one meeting, we determine your strategy together. Whether personal training, online support, mental coaching, or nutritional support - with us, you will reach your goal efficiently.



We constantly document your performance. This way, we can monitor your progress and adjust the current fitness plan if necessary.



Entrance test

Moments of success are crucial for motivation. That's why we start with an initial test to be able to document your progress later on.




In case of injuries or other complaints, we work together with our sports physiotherapist. He will help you to get rid of your complaints. Then, your training plan will be adjusted accordingly.


Why Athletitude?

We are flexible and cater to your personal goals and desires

From physical therapy to business to biomedicine - We have a broad academic background. We, therefore, work analytically and science-based.

First, we learned to run, then came football - sports have been with us for many years. Time enough to acquire profound knowledge and to test it on our bodies.

We have numerous partners who support us in bringing you to the top.

Our passion for the sport is reflected in our work ethic: nothing is impossible. What counts is total commitment.

With an international background, the team has a flair for dealing with different cultures. We cover seven languages


Upgrade your performance - are you in? Then we look forward to hearing from you via form, phone, or mail.